Santa Croce District

Santa Croce district is located all around the Santa Croce square, in the south-east of the historic center of Florence. The main monument of this area is certainly the Basilica of Santa Croce with its marble facade overlooking the rectangular shape square of Santa Croce. The Basilica is a fascinating church both for its architectural beauty and for all the illustrious Florentine artists and personalities that are buried there: Nicolo' Machiavelli, Vittorio Alfieri, Galileo Galilei and Michelangelo among the most famous names. 

Piazza Santa Croce (Holy Cross Square) is a rectangular shape square. On the left side of the Santa Croce church you can see the marble statue of Dante Alighieri created by Enrico Pazzi in 1865. On the right side you will find the fountain of Giuseppe Manetti which was remade in1816 from a previous Baroque fountain made by Pietro Maria Bardi in 1673. At the right side of the Basilica entrance you can find La scuola del cuoio, people from all over the places come to Florence to learn how to cut and work the leather, this is also an outlet for your souvenirs or leather gifts.

The square has a rectangular shape and each year in June hosts the historic Florentine football match perhaps the most important Summer historical event in Florence, where the teams of the four districts (represented by the colors red, green, blue and black) compete in a medieval football game. It is similar to a rugby match in medieval costumes, quite violent, but picturesque, the final is played on the Florence Patron Saint's day: San Giovanni on June 24th.

There are a few leather accessories shops and souvenir shops on the right side of the square. 

A few restaurants have their tables in the square, stop for a glass of wine at sunset facing the church, you will see the color of the facade slowly turning pink…


BOCCADAMA - Piazza Santa Croce, 25red

SUD - Via della Vigna Vecchia, 4red

KOME - Via de' Benci, 41red

Ice Cream 

Gelateria DE' NERI - Via de' Neri, 26red