Santo Spirito District

The neighborhood of Santo Spirito is located in the south-west part of the city and has its center in Piazza Santo Spirito facing the beautiful Basilica of Santo Spirito. The Square is often used for events and street markets, meeting place of artists, from painters to musicians, with lively bars and art exhibitions. 

The Basilica of the Holy Spirit / Santo Spirito Church, has a simple yellow ocher facade, looking at the Basilica from the outside is hard to believe that this place of worship is one of the most charming Renaissance churches in all of Tuscany. It was built by Filippo Brunelleschi, only two years before his death, applying here a new architectural vision compared to his previous creations. 

Palazzo Guadagni, built in 1505, is another important building located in the southeast corner of the square. The palace 'loggia', on the upper floor, has windows of keystone with special frames with now lost decorations by Andrea del Sarto (1486-1531). In the middle of the square surrounded by trees there is a fountain dated 1812, dedicated to Cosimo Ridolfi. 

Many festivals are still celebrated in the Santo Spirito square, especially in Spring and Summer, concerts and performances liven up the district, keeping people awake until late. Thanks to the many restaurants and bars, the atmosphere of the square is one of the liveliest of Florence, with street artists and small artisanal laboratories. Every morning the square hosts the district market, with food, flowers, clothing... and on the second Sunday of every month you can find its particular Market with vintage items, typical handicrafts and regional food products, you may want to pass by to have a touch of real florentine life.  

Facing the Santo Spirito Church on your right, parallel to the square, you can walk to Via Maggio, the antiques shops street. Even if antiques are not your thing, it is worth to have a stroll just to look at the windows for the beautiful paintings or furniture they show, you will not regret it!  Via Maggio heads towards the river Arno and Ponte Santa Trinita (Santa Trinita Bridge), this is a very crowded bridge, especially at sunset time and it is a great place to take pictures of the Ponte Vecchio Bridge

Moving south-east of Santo Spirito square there is Palazzo Pitti Museums with the Boboli Gardens. If, instead, you move towards the west side in the direction of Piazza Torquato Tasso you will find the Church of Carmine in Piazza del Carmine, while towards the river Arno, direction north-west in Piazza del Cestello is located the Church of San Frediano.


RESTAURANTS in the Santo Spirito Area

BORGO ANTICO - Piazza Santo Spirito, 6red

OSTERIA SANTO SPIRITO  - Piazza Santo Spirito, 

Trattoria LA CASALINGA - Via Michelozzi, 9red

GUSTA PIZZA  - Via Maggio, 46red

SANT'AGOSTINO 23 - Via Sant'Agostino, 23

IL SANTO BEVITORE  - Via Santo Spirito, 64red

 IL SANTINO  - Via Santo Spirito, 60red

MUNACIELLO Pizza House  - Via Maffia, 31red