DO's & DON'Ts while In Florence


  • COUNTERFEIT DESIGNER ITEMS: there are lots of peddlers around town selling fake designers bags and similar - do not buy anything, please be aware that Italian law is fighting counterfeit products strongly and if police finds you purchasing any of these items they will fine you for buying and therefore encouraging the counterfeit designer items market, the fine can be quite substantial!
  • MUSEUMS/PHOTOGRAPHS: not all places allow picture taking. Museums, especially, often retain sole rights to photograph their works. Flash photography is especially frowned upon as being disruptive. Museums have conduct rules, make sure not to touch paintings at any time. Keep your children close. 
  • MONUMENTS: do not damage sculptures in the streets, do not write on walls, columns or sculptures. Almost everything you touch in downtown Florence is probably valuable art. 
  • If you come to Florence with a car, make always sure you park your car where and when allowed (you do not want yours towed away). Don’t let your parking meter expire, the fines are high and they will chase you forever. Go through the driving in Florence for more advices.
  • Don’t camp in public places, as there are special campsites available for camping, you can get a fine if found where not allowed. 
  • Don’t use the street as a toilet. Do not throw chewing gum or cigarettes on the street. 
  • We highly suggest not to walk barefoot. Even if streets are cleaned every night, there may be glass fragments stuck on the pavement. 
  • Apparel: Italy may be very tourist-friendly and known for fashion, but it is generally considered rude to walk around town in bikinis, beach attire, short shorts, and skimpy outfits. Also when visiting Churches they may ask you to cover overly exposed parts of your body. 
  • On the Beach/Topless: Sunbathing topless is common on beaches in northern and central Italy, however it will most likely lead to stares and catcalls when doing it in the more conservative and traditional southern Italy regions. 


  • Do carry an ID with you at all times, but leave your passport in a safe place if you do not need to exchange money.
  • Beggars: just ignore them, they may approach you also at restaurants, just make sure you keep your valuables close at all times.
  • Peddlers/Dealers: there are a few different kinds of peddlers, those that will try to sell you anything from bracelets to lighters or flowers, they may approach you also in public restaurants or shops, usually people ignore them.