Holidays & Festivities


August is not a good month to travel in Italy - except resort destinations - usually companies close for holiday for 1 week up to 1 month and families are able to actually take longer holidays.  In the major and tourist cities you will not see a lot of difference compared to other months except less traffic  in the streets. Some shops will have a holiday closing sign with the closing dates.
Since most of Italians will be travelling toward resort destinations it will be also more difficult to find a room in a Hotel near the sea or in the mountains, especially on weekends. 
For the other Festivity dates it is usually up to the owners - some bars will be open only in the mornings, services will be limited. Just consider that you will find  total shut down in the suburbs, all touristic activities in downtowns are less likely to close to keep the business working. 
The trend is changing, but it also depends on climate conditions. 
 1st January  New Years / Capodanno 
 6th January  Epiphany / Befana
 April  Easter / Pasqua
 April  Monday after Easter / Pasquetta
 25th April  Italy's Liberation Day / Festa della Liberazione
 1st May  May Day / Primo Maggio
 2nd June  Italian Republic Day / Festa della Repubblica
 24th June  Patron Saint of Florence / San Giovanni 
 15th August  Ferragosto 
 1st November  All Saints / Tutti Santi
 8th December  Immaculate Conception / Immacolata
 25th December  Christmas / Natale
 26th December  Saint Stephen / Santo Stefano