Taxi in Florence

In Italy TAXIs are usually stationed at TAXI STANDS: you can either go there or have them called by your hotel or call them yourself as in Italy you cannot flag them down as they pass by. Taxi rate increase at night time and out of town routes. 

You can request in advance price of longer routes both asking directly to the taxi driver or during the call to request the taxi. Rates from/to Airport to/from Downtown and downtown Hotels are fixed, check prices in the chart below. 

Taxis in Florence are white colored and usually spotless clean. Taxi drivers are quite picky and they may check you out if they think you or your luggage may dirt their vehicle... so forget drinks, food or smoking in the taxi. Make sure you do not leave anything in the vehicle as it may be a pain to recover it, if it happens try to remember at least the taxi name/code.






Main TAXI STANDS IN FLORENCE and working hours


Florence AIRPORT|Airport Hours**

Piazza SANTA CROCE at the fountain|24hours**

Piazzale PORTA ROMANA|24hours**

Piazza BECCARIA at movie theatre|24hours**

PARTERRE riverside|24hours**

Piazza della REPUBBLICA at Paszkowsky Bar|7am-1am**

Piazza San GIOVANNI corner Via Roma|7am-10pm**

Piazza Duomo at back of Cathedral|7am-1am**

Piazza PITTI  at centre of square|7am-1am**

Piazza SANTA MARIA NOVELLA at Hotel Roma|7am-1am**

Piazza OGNISSANTI at Hotel Excelsior|7am-1am**

Piazza FERRUCCI at Newspaper Stand|7am-1am**

Piazza LIBERTA' corner Via Cavour|7am-1am**

Piazzale MICHELANGELO at Play Bar|7am-1am**

Piazza PIERVETTORI at Newspaper Stand|7am-1am**

Piazza SAN MARCO at Newspaper Stand|7am-1am






Regular days: 3.30 Euro|5.00 Euro**

Festive days: 5.30 Euro|7.00 Euro**

Night (10pm-6am): 6.60 Euro|8.30 Euro**

Luggage: 1.00 Euro|each piece**

To/From Florence Airport to downtown/Hotels|Regular days 20.00 Euro**

To/From Florence Airport to downtown/Hotels|Festive days 22.00 Euro**

To/From Florence Airport to downtown/Hotels|Nights 23.30 Euro**

Extra Urban fees each Km|1.64 Euro**

Women alone at night|-10% on total