Trains to/from Florence

Traveling by Train in Italy allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy the view! A new High Speed railway network has been created in the last years connecting all the significant cities in Italy, making it very convenient compared to traveling by car or plane.

SANTA MARIA NOVELLA (SMN) Railway Station was built in 1934 under the supervision of a team headed by Giovanni Michelucci, one of the major 1900 Florence Architects and it is considered one of the major masterpieces of the Italian Rationalism, an architectural current developed between the 1920's and 1930's in Italy.
The Florence Railway Station has 19 platforms, a Ticket Office (open from 6am to 9pm), 24Hrs Self Service Ticket Machines, Waiting Room, a Restaurant (open from 7am to 9:30pm), Bars (open from 7am to 8pm), a McDonald's, International Newspaper Stands, ATMs, PolFer (Railway Police 24Hrs), Left Luggage Warehouse, 24Hrs Pharmacy, Church, Underground Parking Lot, Bikes Parking, Bikes to Rent, Taxi 24Hrs
Address: Piazza della Stazione, Florence. 
Florence has 2 other minor Train Stations
both located 10-15 Minutes away from SMN Railway Station by Taxi:
- Firenze Campo di Marte, Address: Via Mannelli 12 , Firenze
- Firenze Rifredi, Address: Via dello Steccuto, Firenze



Travelling by Train in Italy is a good option especially if you are going to visit major cities like Florence, Rome, Bologna, Venice, Milan, Naples etc. Below an idea of High Speed trains timings connecting Florence to major cities:


Florence-Rome   1hr 35minutes
Florence-Naples  3hr 00minutes
Florence-Bologna  0hr 37minutes
Florence-Milan  1hr 45minutes
Florence-Venice  2hr 40minutes
LEFT LUGGAGE Warehouse at SMN Florence Station  
Open every day from 6am to 12am  /Phone +39 (0)55 235 2190
4,00 Euro  First 5 Hours
0,60 Euro  each extra hour from the 6th to the 12th hr 
0,20 Euro  each extra hour after the 12th hour 


There are various options to purchase a Train ticket in Italy/Florence: 

This is the best options to buy train tickets in Italy, these are installed in all the main railway stations. The machines have a touch screen with 6 foreign languages option and take both cash or credit cards (make sure to choose the right ones). This operation is way faster than going to queue at the Ticket Office. In case you are traveling in group better buy the tickets a few days in advance to make sure you will be all seated close to each other. 
This is the official WEBSITE, English version as well. Buying tickets from this site has the advantage of the ‘ticket-less’ system: you can book online, quote your booking references on board. Bookings are available open 90 days prior departure – the only problem you may have is if and when you decide you want/need to change the departure date or time, as you will have to do it at the Ticket Office Counter…
TICKET OFFICE at the Train Station - Open from 6:00am to 9:00pm
Once you reach the Florence Railway Station you will realize why Self Service Machine and online pre buy are actually better options!  Long queues are usual in front of Ticket Offices and not all the operators at the counters are good English speakers (as most of tourist do not come to Italy speaking Italian already…!) So you may need patience and have already clear in mind what you need to change on your ticket or the exact destination you are headed to (better if written). If your destination is not one of the main cities, you may need to change a few trains. 


Announcement on Arrival Station are made in 2/3 Languages. Every Train has a bar and a Restaurant Coach. 
First Class: ticket includes small snack and drink and newspaper if you travel in the morning. Larger seats and generally less crowded (not Fridays and Sundays)
Second Class: seats do not recline.
How to read tickets: first number is the Coach Number, the second is the Seat Number. Make sure you get on the right coach, since all eurostar trains have prebooked seats other passengers may ask you to check your ticket if they think you are seated in their seat. 
          English              Italian 
Train   Treno 
Ticket   Biglietto 
Coach   Vagone
Seat   Posto
Ticket Counter  Biglietteria
Platform   Binario 
Left Luggage  Deposito Bagagli 



With the new High Speed network delays have been reduced consistently, and in case of delay, the problems are usually not depending on the Railway system.
At the Railway Station there are screens advising time of delay or you can check here:
All Italian regional and local trains must be validated immediately before you board the train, validation machines are located at the platform entrances and are small and yellow. The validation is mandatory and you can get fined if it does not show on your ticket. The regional and local tickets are ‘open’ local tickets valid for 2 months and the validation prevents users to fraudulently use the ticket for more than 1 journey. (All the long distance tickets Eurostar or Intercity do not need a validation).
No baggage fee or weight limits.
DOGS & PETS - Rules vary by type of train.
Guide dogs, small dogs/cats or any other small pet are allowed in first and second class on any train carried in a pet carriage not exceeding 70x30x50 cms for free. Only 1 pet per person. 
Pets of any size can travel under the following rules:
Intercity and Express Trains - 1 dog(any size)per person can travel with leash and muzzle, both in 1st or 2nd class with a reduced 50% on 2nd class ticket(of that same train).
Eurostar Trains - pets are allowed only in pet carriages. 
Suburban/Regional/Inter Regional Trains: you can bring your bike with you on the train, ticket cost is around 4,00 Euro. 
Long Distance Trains Eurostar/InterCity Trains: you need to remove front wheel and pedals and turn handlebars, then place everything in a zip up bag.